Thursday, September 14, 2006


Tropical Fruit


Malaysian ha s a wide variety of fruits to offer. Some varieties such as banana, the papaya, the guava and the carambola are available all the year round. Other fruit such as durians, mangosteens, rambutans and mangoes are seasonal and are usually available in the middle of the year, between June and August and at the end of the year between November and January.

Most fruits has traditional been grown by Malaysian farmers in small orchards. However, larger scale cultivation of fruits for export and for processing has expended in recent years. The quality has also improved with more research and development of better varieties and improvements in production and post-harvest practices.

Here, I would like to focus on twenty varieties of fruits which have been specially selected to represent the best that Malaysia can offer based on their appearance, taste, aroma and texture.

The world demand for exotics fruits of Malaysia is expanding. A few varieties, such as the banana, the papaya and the carambola, have already reach consumers in countries in Europe and the Far East. It is expected that more varieties of Malaysian fruits will flow into the world market in the near future.

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