Saturday, September 16, 2006



The duku believed to be native to Malaysia but can also be found in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and most of the tropical countries. In Malaysia, most of the duku is found in the state of Johore. The duku shape is round in shape, ranging from 3 – 5 cm in diameter. The matured fruit is brownish yellow in color with a thick skin an exudes latex when peeled. The duku fruit is a kind of berry with cauliferous habit, that is, fruit forming on the trunk and branches of the tree. Each fruits contains 5 segments. The duku belongs to the group of fruits which have a slow growth rate. The tree takes 15 years to mature. It is grown at a distance of 7 meters x 7 meters, giving 204 trees/hectare. Until 1980 only one clone of duku (D 4.1) was registered by the Department of Agriculture. The estimated average yield is 250 kg per tree and the tree can bear fruits until it reaches 50 years or more.

How To Eat

The ripe duku fruit has a thick skin. Each fruit have five segments which make it easier to open by hand. Press the middle of the fruit until the shell opens. Remove the shell and the fruit is re

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